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Gestational diabetes

You have diagnosed gestational diabetes. Dont worry, you will have all help and support for you maternity clinic. Your healthcare worker have recommenned for you our website. Here you will find some material for gestational diabetes based on Finnish health care.

Here you will find different digital materials for your selfcare. You have got guidance on your maternity clinic to gestational diabetes. If you haven`t got guicande, ask you maternity clinics professionals. After that you can get to know our sites. Here is safety information about gestational diabetes, nutrition, exercise and family support.

If you use for selfcare some digital methods (for ex. apps, videos or podcasts…) in english, observe that they are safety to use. For example is information safety to use, who is the content provider or updater?

Safety and common information about gestational diabetes


You have received guidance in maternity clinic for your nutrition about gestational diabetes. Here some tips for selfcare.

Information about nutrition:
Digital materials for you nutritions selfcare



Gestational diabetes:  Selfcare, Excercice for pregnancy and after birth

Most important thing is reduce immobility! Listen to your body during pregnancy and after labour. First you must know safety way to do exercise.

1. Get to know the brochures
2. Do the UKK-institutes test Assess activity

Do you get enough physical activity? Do you sleep enough? How active is your everyday life? After test you get to know your wellbeing levels and easier to promote your health.

What is UKK-institute? The purpose of the UKK Institute is to promote public health. The main aim is to promote healthy lifestyle and, in particular, health-enhancing physical activity and to reduce the number of injuries occuring at home or leisure through research, training and public awareness. The UKK Institute is a private research organisation located in Tampere, Finland with 40 employees. The UKK Institute was founded in 1980 and is owned by the Urho Kekkonen Fitness Institute Foundation. 

3. Think your goals

What do you want to achieve? Set up realistics goals, for example go for walk two times per week. Your goals should be realistic compared for you capability.

4. Different selfcare materials
  • Pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy
  • Pelvic floor videos- Ball exercises with pregnancy
  • Pelvic girdle pain
  • Smartwhatch or fitness tracker You can utilize smartwhatch for promote your movement. With help of smartwhatch you can find out how your daily steps grows. It is important to reduce immobility during pregnancy and after labour to prevent diabetes.
  • Smartphone you can also use your smartphone as a pedometer if you dont have smartwatchs or fitnesstrackers.
  • Sporttracker  free application to follow and increase your movement. Wiht help of GPS you can search your journey and progression.


Family support

Family support
  • We are having a baby! (english version isnt updated)
  • Support for Parenthood – information about pregnancy, brestfeeding and relationship

Videos for parenthood and baby care: 

All videos are made by project Niitty, Tampere University of Applied sciences. 

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